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What to Expect- Massage Session

We've learned that a lot of people have NEVER had a massage before. This really surprised us. (You guys don't know what you are missing!). Some people had said they were nervous about what areas get massaged during a one hour session, what they were suppose to wear, and what they were supposed to do while getting a massage. 

First off, we conduct our services on a professional level. We do not want any of our clients to feel uncomfortable in any way. We do require draping and you will never be exposed. We've heard some therapists have asked if their clients are comfortable with exposing the breast area- this is NOT necessary, and any work that may need to be done with the pec muscles does NOT require any exposing of the area, and can be done over the sheet if/when needed. With that being said, the areas that are massaged during a one hour Swedish massage are: head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, front of the legs, feet, back of the legs, and back. If there is an area you would prefer not to have massaged please let us know at the beginning of the session. If there is an area you'd like us to pay special attention to, please let us know that as well. Your massage can be whatever you want it to be, whether you are looking for it to be slow and relaxing or fast and invigorating- either can be achieved. Some things to keep in mind, this is YOUR massage session. We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If anything needs to be changed: temperature of the room, temperature of the massage table, lighting, volume of music, amount of pressure etc- you MUST tell us. Although massage therapists are smart and intuitive- we are not mind readers. Please speak up, so you are able to fully enjoy your customized session.

We use a great massage cream by Biotone and because of this; your clothing should be removed "to your comfort level". Most clients tend to remove all clothing, or leave just their underwear on.  The massage table is accompanied by sheets and a blanket so you will always remain covered and will not be exposed. We undrape just the area we are working on at the time. When you come in for your massage you will be shown you the room, explain the process, and leave the room so you can privately get undressed and onto the table. If you need to use the restroom please do so before your session begins. We will knock on the door prior to re-entering the room to ensure you are covered. While you are getting your massage there is nothing that you need to do. The environment has very dim lights and soft music playing. You should use this time to relax. Close your eyes, and escape the everyday stress. After your massage is finished, We will again leave the room to wash my hands as you get dressed. Once you are fully dressed, open the door to the treatment room, and come over to the desk. Typically this is when payment and rescheduling takes place. If you have questions, comments, feedback now is a great time to share it.

The one hour Swedish massage has a variety of feelings. We use soft effleurage strokes which help spread the massage cream and prep the skin for the deeper petrissage technique. Petrissage is a technique with applied pressure to help relieve tight muscles and knots. If the pressure we use is too light or too hard for your liking, please let us know- everyone is different.  If you tend to be sensitive to smells and products, Please let us know so we can use the appropriate lotions.  .

In respect to all clients please remember your massage starts at the time scheduled and lasts for the time duration scheduled (ie: half hour, hour, hour and a half). We will need to end the massage as scheduled to be on time for the following client. Please show up a few minutes before the scheduled time to allow time for undressing and so the massage can start on time. If you happen to show up late, please understand in order to keep the following appointments on time, you may lose out on a few minutes of your massage. If we cause the session to start late, we will make up for it by giving you as much time as possible of your scheduled session time.

All massages are customized to meet your needs. Beginning from the type of massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Prenatal), to the length (half hour, hour, hour and a half), to the desired pressure (soft, medium, or firm), to the areas you do/do not want worked on. The massage is designed unique to achieve what you are looking for. Come on in and see for yourself! :)

Please note: If your appointment time is 4:30 that means your actual massage starts at 4:30.  You should show up 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow time for undressing and discussing your session needs and wants.

We hope this helps clear up some of the questions people may have about massage therapy. If you have any additional questions, please call or email us for more information! :